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  Ed's Exalted Toolkit Features
Beginning and Experienced Characters
After you create a starting character with bonus points, you can transfer the character to Experienced.   At this point all purchases are calculated using the experience point cost.

True power level of a Character
All characters display a running total of the experience spent on them.   This number shows you how experienced they are and lets you better gauge what they are capable of.

Point Costs
The Toolkit keeps track of the point costs so you don’t have to! Costs based on caste, favored or non-favored abilities, spells, virtues and essence are automatically calculated when you select the item.

Transferring of Characters
After a character is created, you can send her to other users of the Toolkit.   Create a file then select the characters you want to send.   A XML file of the character is created.   This can then be sent to anyone you wish.   Also, the XML can be read to display the character on a web page.  

Customizable Point Costs
By using the Point Template Toolkit, all of your character's bonus, starting and experience point costs can be changed to what you want them to be!   You can create point templates that can be applied uniquely to a given character or used by all characters.

Character Portrait
Have a picture of your character?   That picture can easily be added when you work on your character.   You can also print your character sheet with the image to make it even easier to visualize who your character is.  

Charms, Charms and More Charms
All of the charms from the Exalted, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar and Abyssal Books are included.   Also the Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night and Eclipse caste books are given.   All Charm costs and pre-requisites are calculated by the toolkit so you don’t have to worry about them.   Book and page number are given to speed looking up descriptions.  

In this section, you can create combos.   Add any of your currently learned charms into a combo.   The bonus or experience point cost are calculated.   You just pick the charms and give it a spectacular description.  

This feature helps you to remember what your character has done.   Create named entries in the diary and then type in what has happened to your character.   Unlimited text can be entered into this basic notepad option.  

Now that you have created the character, you want to bring her to the game right?   Well, with the reports feature you can print preview and print all of the information you have typed in for your character.  

Select weapons from the drop down list and add their stats to your character.   Total weapon bonuses are calculated based on your choice of abilities and specialities.  

Bonuses from Items and such
Since there are many items and ways for a character to get increased stats and abilities, the toolkits have fields to allow assigning of these bonuses.   Got +2 to strenth, +3 level 0 health?   No problem.   You can add them in.  

Storyteller Toolkits
In addition to aiding you in character creation, you can also customize much of the content of the Toolkits.   The Storyteller Toolkits allow you change, add or delete charms, spells, gifts, abilities, beasts and numerous other aspects of the Toolkits.  


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