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Version 1 News Archive

July 21st, 2004

Summer Break

With the advent of summer I've taken a short break from working on the new version.   Tending my garden and hitting the beach have been a welcome respite to all the hard work I've done.

Serials sent out have gone over the 1200 mark this week.   And I've also received a few minor bugs and some suggestions.   Donations are now up to Twenty three in number.

Current work plans include a storyteller manager toolkit that will allow easy deletion of characters.   After that the highly sought after Merits and Flaws improvements will commence.

Thanks for the continued support and feedback guys!


June 23rd, 2004

Email Troubles & Outcaste Book Changes complete

My webhost has set up my email on a new server and it appears that the problems have been corrected.   I just responded to a dozen or so serial requests.   Sorry for the delay but it looks like it will be smooth sailing from here out.

Also, this weekend was the first test run of all of the dragon-blooded Outcaste book changes I have made.   All of the hierarchies from the Outcaste book have been integrated with the appropriate skill sets.   And things went well with the creation of my group's Lookshy characters.   Looking forward to playing a dragon-blooded for the first time!


June 23rd, 2004

Email Troubles

This past weekend was the start of trouble with my email service.    I am currently working with my host to get the issue resolved, but I have no eta on when the problem will be corrected.


June 11th, 2004

Over 1000 Serials given out!

I'm pleased to announce that I have just surpassed the 1000 mark for serials given out for Version 1.0.   And of course a special thank you to the 19 people that have given donations.   I really do appreciate the support!

Work is progressing on the next version.   I've fixed a bug with the Weapon Toolkit export.    This bug made the speed get loaded into the accuracy field.   It caused you to have all of the speeds and accuracy to be the same.

Finished integrating the Martial Arts Styles into the toolkits.   Now you have the option to print out your martial arts charms by style.

Also expanded the Points Spent popup.   It now shows a summary to help you more accurately spend points for the PG Experience over time rules.   My group of solars needed this enhancement because of the 250 years worth of xp that we have to spend.

 Points Spent with Category Summary 


May 25th, 2004

Weapon2 Toolkit and Martial Art Styles

I have been in the mood to program lately, so here are a few new treats:

The Power Combat Weapons from the Player's Guide will get their own ST Toolkit.   Charms have had Martial Art Styles added to allow better organization of the Martial Art display and reports.

For more details, visit my Workshop link on the side.

And thanks for the characters guys.   I've gotten a few more so now I almost have double digits in a number of exalt categories!


May 15th, 2004

Martial Art Charm Fixes

Due to an elusive bug with the exporting of Martial Arts charms, I have made the MA charms save into their own table.   In addition, you will be able to set a separate cost for ma charms in the point template.   Three new reports have been added to print out the ma charms.   They will no longer print on the charm sheets.

A background error that caused the character sheet to error out has been corrected.   This error only occured if you selected over ten backgrounds and at least one background2.

I've started work on adding the new power combat weapons into the toolkits.   The power combat weapons will have their own weapon toolkit.   You will be able to toggle back and forth between listing the original weapons and the new ones via a settings option in each toolkit.



April 30th, 2004

April '04 Recap

The month of April has been a busy month for me, but unfortunately not for the Toolkits.   My old job hired me back so I'm busy doing web development for a living once more.

As to my work on EdExalted, this month was pretty good considering my available time.   Just finished up the print functionality for World-Shaping Artistic Vision.   It will print on the Background/Specialties report.

After almost two months, the number of serials sent out has hit 704.   Hopefully next month the total will break 1k!   Keep on spreading the word!   Also a big thank you to the 16 of you that have given donations!   I really do appreciate the help!

A big disappointment has been your lack of support with my character download section.   Not a single one of you have taken the time to send me a character.   Not one. -Sigh-   This does not inspire me to work on the Player Guide changes.   Maybe if a few of you sent me your hard earned characters I would start working on the PG changes.

Till the next Time,


April 25th, 2004

Sidereal Toolkit - World-Shaping Artistic Vision

Finally got around to adding the special logic for the Sidereal Charm World-Shaping Artistic Vision.   A pop up window similar to the Ox Body pop up will display when you select this charm.   Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect:   World-Shaping Artistic Vision 



April 18th, 2004

Website Database Problems

Due to an error with the web database, I have lost a number of your user profiles.   If you can't sign in, please create a new user profile.

Sorry for the inconvience,

Ed Ostrowski

April 12th, 2004

Character Downloads Added

The Downloads section has been expanded to include Characters!   This new section can be found off of the main Downloads page.   Many users of the toolkits have asked for a respository of character to speed up game creation, so here you go!

There are currently only a few solars, lunars and one sidereal available.   These are characters that I have either played or my group has run.   So the character archive is in need of characters!

Please send me your characters so that I can include them on the site.   But before sending me anything, please first read the   Character Submission Guidelines .

I need you all to follow these rules.   Otherwise I can not hope to maintain this new addition to the site.


Ed Ostrowski

March 28th, 2004

The end of March

Things have slown down some now with the requests for serials.   As of today, I have given away 492 sets of serials for the first release of the toolkits.   And I have received eight donations!   Quite a few people have signed up to the site.   My total number of registered users is now up to 1720.

The past week I have been working on improving the website.   I have automated my Bug and Wishlist listings so that they are data driven instead of coded on the page.   This was in preparation for the character archive that I will be working on this week.


Ed Ostrowski

March 18th, 2004

CD Label for the Toolkits

My submission to White Wolf Publishing, Inc. included a CD with a custom made label.   Since I hate to let anything go to waste, this label is now available off of the Downloads section.


Ed Ostrowski

March 17th, 2004

Virus Alert!

Please be aware that there is a profusion of new email viruses out there now!   First it was the netsky and now the w32.beagle viruses.   I have received a number of these viruses from what appears to be my own mail server!   EdExaltedEd, Management, NoReply: all from fixticious EdExalted.com accounts.   And thats only within the past few hours!   The topic messages range from "Thanks :)", "Protected Messages", "encrypted document", etc.

Please do not open any email that appears to be from me that has a attachment on it.   I do not send anything out with attachments, and especially not exe's.

Make sure you scan all email you receive with your anti-virus software.   But beware, there are so many new viruses popping up that the antivirus software can't keep up, so use your head!


Ed Ostrowski

March 12th, 2004

First week of Version 1.0

Response has been overwhelming for my first release!   For the week including today, I have given out three hundred and eighteen serials!   Thats a lot of people downloading my toolkits :)   And a lot of emails for me to read and reply to.   I have also received three donations, so a big thank you to you guys that liked my work enough to contribute!

Beside handling the new release response, I have been busy working on things around the site and on the toolkits.   You may have noticed the newly added uninstall instructions or additional forums of "How do I..." and "Install Issues".

My work on the toolkits this week involved adding a few more items to the point templates.   Specialty Max Dots has been added.   Also Background XP cost.   The most requested change is the Outcaste book's Sorcery background.   For Dragon-Blooded it will be handled as the book, with a "Sorcery Lookshy" and "Sorcery Non-Lookshy" entry with different costs.   But I like the idea so much, I've added it into all of the other celestial exalts Toolkits.   In the rest of the toolkits, it will work in the same manner as the Abyssal's "Necromancy" background.

Once there are enough changes, then I will put out a patch with the above.

Take Care,

Ed Ostrowski

March 5th, 2004

Freeware Version 1.0 Ready!

The first release of "Ed's Toolkits for Exalted" is now available in the download section.   There are a few minor changes from Beta 6.   A new spell summary report and beasts & companion's health, attacks and defense are now no max in size.   Also, an Install toolkit selector has been added to make installing that much easier for you.

You will need to request new serial numbers.   Send your requests to me at  Serials@EdExalted.com .

There are new email links added in the support section.   Using these will make it easier for me to organize the mass of emails you send me!

The donation link to PayPal is now ready.   Any help you can offer to me is greatly appreciated.  


Ed Ostrowski

February 26th, 2004

Beta Testing Completed
Freeware Version 1.0 Forthcoming

With the completion of Beta 6, the toolkits are now ready for release.    Due to the lack of response from White Wolf Publishing, Inc., the toolkits will be released as freeware.   Version One of the toolkits will be available shortly.

Also, a PayPal donation link will be added to the site so that you can offer your assistance to “Ed’s Toolkits for Exalted”.   Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.


Ed Ostrowski


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