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Version 2 News Archive
May 6th, 2006

Version 2 Patch 003

A few people were having problems with importing charms that they made up for 2nd edition.   This patch makes it easier to identify problems you may have with your charms.   Missing abilities and pre-req charms were the cause, but it was hard to see it before this patch.

Also fixed the Merit and Flaw Toolkits in regard to the Database Select feature.    These two were missed in patch 002 and did not point to the correct database when you changed the database.

On a different front, a good number of you have been trying to convince me to work on a 2nd Edition version of the Solar Toolkit.   The forum posts and emails have been well presented and have made me interested into looking at the new rules.   The changes that appear necessary are relatively minor, so I have gone and ordered a copy of the new book.

And I wish to thank the four generous persons that have donated to the site this year.   Your support helps to keep this site going and assists with the continued improvement of the Toolkits.


March 15th, 2006

Version 2 Patch 002

The new patch for the toolkits is ready.   You can download your copy from the Downloads, Patches page.   This new patch also includes all of the changes made in Patch 001.

The biggest change with this patch is the addition of a new reporting system.   You can now create your own customized character sheets!   Using html and xsl, modifications can be made to the new sheets that will display in your web browser.

Here are some of the sheets available:

 Abyssal Character Sheet   Abyssal NPC Sheet 
  Dragon-Blooded Character Sheet   Solar NPC Sheet 
 Lunar Character Sheet   Character Charm Sheet 
  Sidereal Character Sheet   Character Spell Sheet 
 Solar Character Sheet 

 v2 Patch 002 details 

This is a very large patch.   A great many changes were necessary to create a flexible and customizable reporting system.   This patch, in and of itself, would have merited a new version, but I did not wish to delay releasing it any longer.

The patch also replaces the database, so make sure you backup your custom work: characters, charms, spells, etc.


October 24th, 2005

Back Home

Myrtle Beach, SC turned out pretty good in October.    Had sunshine and 80 degree days all week!   Have to love it when a vacation works out as planned!

Thanks for waiting guys.   Sent out the goods last night to everyone that asked over the past week.

And more people have been signing up to the site while I was away.   We are over 5000 gamers registered with the site now!   Over 1200 serials have been sent out since Version 2's release in May.

Since the new release, seven generious people have donatated approximately $100 to my site.   Happy to say that almost covers the web hosting fees for the year.   And since the end of the beta's (March '04), 38 donations have been made to the site for just over $700 (after paypal's fees).

Once again, thanks for the continued support.   I greatly appreciate all of the feedback, donations and requests you send me.   Hearing from you keeps me interested in working on this, even though I haven't played Exalted in over a year.


October 16th, 2005

Vacation Time!

From October 16th to the 24th, I will be on vacation and will not be able to respond to your emails and serial requests.   Once I get back, I will answer all of your emails and send out the requested serials.

Thank you for your patience.


September 29th, 2005

Customizable Character sheets and Abyssal Liege Fix

Over the past couple months work has progressed on creating customizable character sheets for the toolkits.   Using xml, xsl and html you will soon be able to create character sheets to suit your own tastes.   There will be pre-existing templates with all of the character information in html table form.   You will be able to customize these with your own graphics and layouts.

Here are a few samples Character Sheets:
 Solar PC Sheet       Solar NPC Sheet   
 Solar NPC With Spells      Character Master (Reference)   

Mind you, I did not go for fancy graphics and what not with these.   The goal is to give you the ability to easily move around sections of the character to create your own personal sheets.   An option will be added to the character toolkits to select this new print option.   The existing print features will still be there, only that these will be added.   Also, a guide on how to customize the sheets will be made up for those of your new to html and xslt.

Abyssal Liege
This afternoon I finally got around to looking through the Liege logic to try and figuire out why this was not always working right.   After a few hours of digging into the code, the reason for it and the fix finally became clear.   This isn't the first change made to the Liege logic, but I hope it will be the last.   Hopefully this time I will get it right and you guys can all have a perfect Abyssal.

More work needs to be done for the next patch, but will keep you posted as work progresses.


June 12th, 2005

Bogus Email Alert!

Please ignore any emails that appear to be from my website that have a zip attached to them.   Some virus spammers are now pretending to be from my site and are sending out fradulent emails.   The ones received today were titled "Member support" and "Warning, your service is near to be closed."   These say your email account have been temporarily suspended and that you need to click on the attachment to reactivite your EdExalted account.

Please ignore these emails and delete them promptly!   I do not send out unsolicited emails and especially not ones with attachments.


May 24th, 2005

Patch 001 Ready

The first patch for Version 2 is now ready.   This update corrects a few minor bugs.   Please click here for  patch details .   Also, the CD label has been updated with Version 2.   This is also found off of the downloads page.


May 1st, 2005

Version 2 is now ready!

Please go to the download section to try out the newest version of my toolkits for Exalted.   If you see anything that does not work right, please email me or post the issue in my forums.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you all like the improvements that have been made.


April 15th, 2005

Final Testing of Version 2

The final round of testing has begun.   A couple dozen people have been selected to try out and use the new version.   This round of testing will last a few weeks.   Once we are all satistified with the new changes, then the full release will occur.

The following links are copies of the Read Me files that are included with the new version.   These list out all of the changes that make up Version 2.

 ReadMe for the Solar Toolkit 
 ReadMe for the Dragon-Blooded Toolkit 
 ReadMe for the Lunar Toolkit 
 ReadMe for the Abyssal Toolkit 
 ReadMe for the Sidereal Toolkit 
 ReadMe for Mortal Toolkit 
 ReadMe for Storyteller Toolkits 

Version 2 will be out sometime in May.


March 26th, 2005

Third Anniversay of the Toolkits

In March of 2002 work started on these Toolkits for Exalted.   It took two years and six betas to get them to the point that they could be released.   A year ago, version 1 was completed.   Since then over 2200 serials have been given out and I have received 38 donations.   Glad to say the toolkits have been well received.

Many have asked when the next update will be out.   I am very happy to say that it will be soon.   Testing of version 2 started last week and is moving along well.   Once myself and the testers are comfortable with the release, then you will have Merits and Flaws and other goodies available to you!


March 9th, 2005

Flaws added to Character Toolkits

The basic saving and loading of the Flaws is now complete.   Work has started on a Merits and Flaws report for the character toolkits.   Print reporting is the last step to go before testing begins.


February 20th, 2005

Flaw Toolkit

The  Flaw Toolkit  was completed over the weekend.   Also finished entry of all of the Flaws, so that now work can begin on adding the flaw logic to the Character toolkits.

In addition, I've been looking into buying an upgrade for Crystal Reports to give you all a better reporting feature set to work with.   Right now the toolkits use version 7.   Version 9 will probably be the upgrade that I go to, since it is the highest version supported by the Wise Installer that I use.   Just enough donations have come in over the past year to cover this, so the $300 price tag won't hurt that much.   Thanks again for the donations!


February 5th, 2005

Merits added to Dragon-Blooded, Lunar, Abyssal, Sidereal and Mortal Toolkits

Added the base logic of saving/loading Merits to the rest of the character toolkits.   Please note, this is in the development phase.   Version 1, which is available for download now does not have these changes.

Also corrected a long running glitch with charm imports that limited the size of the number of charms you can bring in at one time.   Had this same problem when testing the merit import, and luckily, found a solution for it.

After some more fine tuning of all of the toolkit's imports, work will start on the Flaws.


January 17th, 2005

Merits added to Solar Toolkit

The task of adding Merits and Flaws has begun!

The  Merit Toolkit  was finished at the new year.   Once all of the merits were entered in, work commensed on integrating these into the  Solar Toolkit .

The basics of the merits is now complete in the Solar Toolkit.   This is the general bookkeeping of the merits; selection and removal of these items to your characters.   And of course, the counting up of the point costs.

The next step involves updating the rest of the character toolkits with merits.   Once this is completed, then work will begin on the Flaws.


December 24th, 2004

Forum Enhancement

A couple of changes have been made to the Forums.   The ablility to send emails to other users of the site and also editing of your forum posts has been added.

You can now send email to other members of the site by clicking on their name in the post.   If you wish to allow others to contact you directly, go into the Modify User Profile page and check on "Public Email".   Once this is enabled, others will be able to send emails to the account that you registered with.   Currently this feature is off for every one except for myself (Masamune).

When you look through the forums, you will see a "Edit Post" link beneath all of the posts you have made.   Clicking on this will bring up a Edit Post page were you can then adjust what you orginally wrote.

If you should notice anything buggy about these new features, please tell me.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


November 28th, 2004

Back from a Break

Decided to update this page after the site was down yesterday.   There was a database connectivity error that prevented anyone from logging in.   This also showed that I forgot to enable the error handling on the site!   Funny that its been up for almost two years and just now this problem shows up.   I've corrected the problem so that a more user friendly page is displayed.

A number of you have asked when I will start up working on the toolkits again.   No promises will be made on when the next version will be, but I am actually looking at the code again so work could start at any time.

Even though I haven't been around, the players of Exalted still ask for my toolkits.   I'm up to 2600 people enrolled on the site and have now given out 1700 sets of serials.   You can see the number as it changes on the menu after the email links.

Thanks for your continued interest and I hope to tell you of my further updates soon.



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