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Beta1 News Archive

December 26th, 2002

With the end of Christmas, we are ending the giving out of passwords for beta one. Thanks for the interest and support! Feedback has been very helpful and appreciated. I have compiled a number of lists of the things you would like to see and problems you have found.

Work on the lunar toolkit is going well. The first version of the beastman section and report is completed. Check it out in the Lunar and Reports sections. More work needs to be done on the gifts, but that has to wait until I have created a gift toolkit. The gifts will eventually be laid out in the same manner as charms.

Use of the lunar toolkit went well over the past weekend with my gaming group. We all made up our characters and things went rather smoothly. The two main sections that need work are companions/beast forms and the handling of gift bonuses.

See you next year!


December 16th, 2002

Thanks for a great first week!
Lots of positive feedback and a few good errors caught!

You have sent myself and Mike many requests for the toolkits and a good number of you have sent in a few problems. Suggestions for upgrades/additions have also be given. I look forward to more of your ideas for improving the toolkits.

A number of you have observed that the character sheets are "blah". I would like to liven them up, but I'm just plume out of ideas for them. Last night I was putting together the Lunar char sheet, and it reminded why I didn't make them fancier. Working with Crystal Reports is tedious! Making minute details on a white page then adjusting a text element another millimetter to the right, etc, etc.

You may think that I am graphically inclined, but I'm not really all that good with art type things. Couldn't drawl a pretty picture to save my life! So any suggestions or graphics are welcome.

I look forward to seeing any and all ways to improve my character sheets.

Lunar Toolkit
Progress is moving along nicely with the newest exalted toolkit. Check out the screen shots I have posted. I hope to have the newly improved Companion/Beast section along with the Beastman options completed this week.

My gaming group is putting together chars now for a lunar campaigne so I have a lot of incentive to get this completed. Creating a character by hand is not something I like to do. Well, the word hate is more appropriate!

The Lunar Toolkit won't be ready for testing for a few weeks yet, probably more like a month. So you will just have to wait!

Fare Well,


December 6th, 2002

In March of 2002 I was shown a new game called "Exalted". In all my years of gaming I had never seen such a interesting and in-depth roleplay game as this. I was immediately hooked after just one session of making characters and doing mock combats. My group had been looking for a fantasy system that was open ended, one that worked in a starting campaign and also a high level game. And this was it!

Knowing that we would be playing this for many years to come, I started work on programs to handle the character management and npc creation. After four months of hard work, I completed the core Solar Toolkit in July.

My gaming group has been using it for months now and thanks to their somewhat limited feed-back, I have fixed many trouble areas. My gm Mike Medina was the only one to give me any real help with testing. He's been my game master for too many years to count and really knows how to tear into this stuff.

I mention this because I want you to tell me or Mike about the problems you find. One of the fellows in my group went two months before he told me that the setup did not work on his Win98 system. Dah! Hallo! Tell me this and I will make it work! Don't be afraid. I won't bite your heads off. Honest ;)

You can see screen shots of the Toolkits if you wish. Click on the screen shot links to the left to see the pictures of the toolkits. This will give you a quick visual of the what the toolkits can do before you download and install the software.

After you have looked at the pictures, you can go to the download section to get a copy of the software.

And please send me or Mike any bugs, glitches or other bad things you find with this setup. Please be warned the use of this software is currently invite only. If myself or Mike have not given you a password to install the toolkit, you will not be able to install it.

Thanks for your Help,

Ed Ostrowski


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