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Bugs Found in Beta 2

Beta 2 Patch 008
February 19th, 2003

Files Modified:

1. Solar, Lunar, DBlood Toolkits
Print Diary Entries - Select All button not working.

Button now moves all diary entries to Selected.

2. ExDbPrint.dll (background library for Solar, Lunar, DBlood Toolkits)
Over 5 Craft abilities (New Abilities) causes character sheet to raise error

Corrected logic to use only the first 5 new abilities on print.

3. Lunar Toolkit
Receive error when 2 or more virtues are set to 5 and a value is place in the Extra slot for a virtue.

Error raised because WP grid could not handle a value greater then ten.
The WP auto assign will only be based off of the dots of virtues, not extra values.

4. Lunar Toolkit
Perpheral essence would not calculate correctly with multiple Virtues over 10.

Sort of the Total virtues was incorrect.
Using a alpha sort, a value of "2" would be considered greater then "12".
Formated virtual values to "000".
Sorted properly after this change.

5. Solar, Lunar, DBlood Toolkits
Added Armor Template List

Allows you to select a existing armor and load its stats into the character

6. Solar, Lunar, DBlood Toolkits, ExChar.dll
Added Miscellaneous Armor Soak values

Two additional fields added to Armor section.
Miscellaneous Lethal and Bash Soak.
These add into the total soak displayed.
Provides a way to separate armor soaks with other soaks your char may have.

7. Solar, Lunar, DBlood Toolkits
Character Export File
XML Version Processing Instruction added to Export documents

Exported characters should now be readable by applications that can process XML documents.

8. Solar, DBlood Toolkits
Diary Print Error
While in the first session of working with a character (after the 1st save), the following error would appear when attempting to print the diary with at least one entry:

Print_SaveToExPrintDb Error: -2147221504
(-2147221504) clsDbPrintDiary.SavePrintCharDiary_Insert
(-2147221504) bas.DbAdoRunQuery_NoRs2
(-2147467259) The changes you requested to the table were not successful
because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or
relationship. Change the data in the field or fields that contain duplicate
data, remove the index, or redefine the index to permit duplicate entries
and try again.
[G:\Program Files\EdExalted\crystal\CD_DiaryFull.rpt]

After the initial save, the create date was not loaded.
The above error was generated when a date of null was attempted to be inserted into the print database.
Corrected by loading the current date into the char when the char is first made instead of when it is saved.
Also the diary entry id's were not generating correctly when a new entry was made.

Beta 2 Patch 007
February 12th, 2003

Files Modified:

1. Gift Toolkit
After changing Exalt type and existing pgm, lunar gifts are always listed on pgm start.

List now looks at the current exalt type on pgm start.

2. DBlood, Lunar, Solar Toolkits
Possible invalid date format on character save/change dates.
Caused by european format of d/m/yyyy.

Save format of current date as m/d/yyyy. Previsiously was not being formated.

3. DBlood
Dynast Ability pop up - when cancel is selected, ability points are not updated to dynast total.

Change logic to correct problem.

4. DBlood
Starting Attribute Points Primary = 8, should be 7

Once a attribute point is selected it changes to 7. Corrected so that is starts at 7.

5. DBlood
Dynast button on ability tab - Will pop up message when char is not a dynast.

Changed as above.

6. DBlood, Lunar, Solar Toolkits
Changed order of tabs to better match book creation order.

7. Background Toolkit
Background Name is allowing 50 chars, when database can only handle 20.

Changed maxlength to 20 chars.
Note: This may be too short, print db can handle up to 50, but will only display about 25 on the char sheet.

Beta 2 Patch 006 Fixes
February 3rd, 2003

1. Lunar Toolkit - Beastman report - extra bonuses for abilites being added twice.

Cleared the object used to hold the extra bonuses before using them for the gift bonuses.

2. Lunar Toolkit - No Moon xp cost for charms is not showing as favored.

Corrected calculations to look for no moon. Was changing moon.

3. Dragon Blooded, Lunar, Solar Toolkit - Unable to delete companions.
Also, companions saved when no name was given.

Added delete companion code, and corrected validation.


Beta 2 Patch 005 Fixes
February 1st, 2003

1. Lunar Toolkit - Beastman Report not adding in Soak Gift Bonuses.
Seems my fix in patch 2 broke something! I noticed this as I was updating my changing moon for today's game!

Previsious fix prevented bonuses from adding in. Move fix to a place in code that doesn't conflict with bonuses.

2. All Reports - Right side truncated on A4 type printers
Reports on right margin are being truncated on page type A4.

Last fix made things worse for A4 users. This time made all margins on reports .25".


Beta 2 Patch 004 Fixes
January 30th, 2003

1. Beast Toolkit - Saved Beasts not loading.
Clicking on a newly saved beast will do nothing. You can't display it or edit it.

Changed query Beast_Detail_GetId in Exalted.mdb not to join with Book_Detail.
Book name is loaded from the list based on id instead.

2. All Reports - Right side truncated on A4 type printers
Reports on right margin are being truncated on page type A4.
Obvious on the Solar Character sheet.

Move right margin in 1/4 inch on all reports that needed it.


Beta 2 Patch 003 Fixes

1. Lunar - Losing Saved Charisma
A character with a saved charisma of two would have the charisma reduced to one when the character was loaded.

Prevent the auto load of a two charisma to conflict with the character load.

2. Lunar - Char Import Fail
When a character is exported from a computer with a date format of "mm.dd.yyyy", the date last changed has that format in the xml.
These periods instead of dashes will cause the import to fail.
The date can not be inserted into the database.

Search for periods in the date and replace with slashes.

3. Lunar - Beastman Preview
"DbAdoRunQuery_NoRs2: PrintChear_Lunar_Insert Error -2147217833.
Field is too small for the amount of data you try to add. try adding fewer data"

Error is caused when the Tell is greater then 50 chars in length.

Expanded the print database field to allow up to 255 char length Tell field.

4. Lunar Modification - Added button on Charm tab: Jump to Beastman

This button will be available after you have selected DBT.
It will save you the effort of having to navigate the charm tree to find the charm.

5. Beast Toolkit - New beasts not loading
When creating a new beast, unless you have selected a book, it will not load.

This is caused by a joined query in the database that I have corrected. But I do not want to send out a updated database just for this. So in the mean time, just select a book name of Custom Made. This will allow to display and change the selected beast.

Beta 2 Patch 002 Fixes

From: "Talon"
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 10:38 AM

1. When opening the Beastman Preview, this error occured: (Lunar Toolkit)
"GiftBonusAddError: -2147221504 (...)
(3021) either BOF or EOF is True. current data set deleted. process requires current data set."

"The report popup window won't close without jumping right up again so I had to shut down the Toolkit via the taskmanager every time I tried the beastman sheet view. strangely the preview works for the single character you supplied with the beta2 file but not with my own designs."

Debug code left behind caused infinite loop - removed
Error raised because the Gifts selected did not have any bonuses. Function GiftBonusAdd was looking for bonuses but could not find any, so error.

Added check for no gift bonuses to prevent error from occurring.

Beta 2 Patch 001 Fixes

From: "Steven C Israel"
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 8:38 AM

1. Silver Pact ability requirements missing (Lunar Toolkit)
Doesn't note requirement of 1 dot in a combat ability for Silver Pact members.

On character save, added check for Silver Pact requirements (everyone but casteless).
You must now have 2 survival, and a 1 in any of the 5 combat abilities.

2. No Moon Charms not counting as caste charms (Lunar Toolkit)
When selecting Charms as a No Moon, all charms are counted against the 'All' category rather than the Caste Attribute category. This doesn't occur for the other two castes.

No Moon charms should now go against the correct counter.


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