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  Ed's Exalted Toolkit
Beta 2 Wish List
   All Toolkits - Editable Graphic Skins
 Allow users to load their own graphics into the look of the program
 Create a images subfolder to hold all of the graphics.
 Only load the selected graphics at program startup.

   Solar, DBlood, Lunar Toolkits - Allow Charm Selection if ability required is > 5
 "Unofficially" heard this is based on the essence rating. That exalted can have attributes and abilities equal to Essence.

   Lunar Toolkit - Automatically add Beastman "claws" to weapons
 When you buy gifts like "terrable beast claws" then the claws and bite should be added to the weapons automatically

   Character Sheet Report - Add Empty circles after Abilities Dots
 For Example: you have one dot in melee. Only one filled in dot is printed now. Add four blank dots after it.

   Nature Toolkit
 Allow entry of custom natures.

   Demeanor drop down list - Currently a text box.
 Create a list of demeanors to chose from.

 NPC generator
 Randomly create a char. No chance of this being made. I've never liked randomly generated chars. They tend to be useless. A library of characters on the website will be much more useful.

 Diary Print entry print select - print in order of selection.
 Allow your printed diary to come out in a desired order, instead of just alphabetic.

 Beast Toolkit - Add print capability
 As in the Charm Toolkit, allow printing of Beasts.

 Spirit Toolkit
 The charm toolkit will first have to be updated to handle virtue based charms before this is available.

 Mortal Toolkit
 Don't really see the point since there are no charms for mortals. You can use the beast toolkit to make up mortal npc's.

 Allow changing of the Diary Entry Title
 No way to change it now after you add a entry to your character.

 Tab Order - Change to better match up with WW char creation order

 Charm Reports - add list of Pre-Req Charms to desc like in the Char Charm desc

 Virtue Flaws Toolkit
 Also allow for larger size description.

 Character Toolkits - Add display of caste Anima powers

 Caste Anima powers Toolkit

 Allow maximizing of Toolkits
 The design of the Toolkits does not allow this because of the fixed form of the entry areas. Too late to change now.

  Allow entry of Book Names for charms.
 This would require another toolkit. Doubt I will make the effort for something that is not changed that often.

 Keyboard Only navigation of Toolkits
 Nice to have, but could only have been down in initial design.   Also, there is too much graphical content in toolkits to allow this.

  Character Toolkits - Add Combo/Charm Summary report.
 There is currently a full charm/combo report. But it can get lengthy. This would be a shorter alternative.

  Toolkit for Item and Artifact Type list entry
 These two are already created. Will release in beta3.

 Character Toolkits - Print out charms in Tree/Requirement Order
 This is very difficult to do. I can't see putting the effort for this.   My logic for the charm tree is completely based around that charm tree control.   It would be very time consuming to convert it to the print logic.   A possible alternative is to allow the user to select the print order of the charms.

 Character Toolkit Combos - Enforce rule of only one simple charm
 Currently you can select any charms to put in a combo.

 Export/Import File selection interface
 Make it easier to navigate and use.   Update to current windows standard to make it less confusing.

Please remember, this is a "wish list". Just because I am listing them does not mean the changes will be made!
The mark denotes that the suggestion has been incorporated into the toolkits.


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