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  Ed's Exalted Toolkit
Bugs Found in Beta 3
Beta3 is a very large and complex upgrade so we will see how much pops up.


Beta 3 Patch 003
May 7th, 2003

Patch Beta3_002 caused some problems with the import/export of characters with very large bonus point pools.

New Patch Details
Files Modified:
All Storyteller Toolkits
Solar, DBlood, Lunar Toolkits

1. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkit
Combo with One Weapon, Two Blows in a Combo

There's a bug when using the charm One Weapon, Two Blows in a Combo. If you complete a combo with the charm in it, it saves fine and everything. If you try to open it up again (dbl-click it), then it screws up. The words Two Blows get cut off and all charms after this one are lost as well. I'd say it's because the charm includes a comma in it.

Combo charm list delimiters changed to a non-comma delimiter.

2. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkit
Character List Box - Character Deletion

I put all the stats in, saved, and clicked on the little smiley to Upgrade Character to Experienced. I had no idea what this did, and it seems when you have a starting character inputted, it doesn't exactly do much. So I clicked to delete the new character (xp) and it deleted it, but not before giving me this error:

cboChars_Click Error:91
Object variable or With block variable not set

Added Error Catch.

3. Solar, DBlood, Lunar Toolkits
Character Import Error
When I was importing the characters I had exported from patch 001 the following error occured:

ReadImportFile_ExtractChar_Description Error: 13
Type mismatch

This error occured for each character that was imported.

This is occurring because of my recent Portrait changes. It is trying to import a portrait screen location that is blank where it expects a valid number.

Added convert to number logic for empty positions.

4. All Storyteller Toolkits
Import/Export Option
Device Unavailable error occurred when selecting the Import or export feature.

Case 68, 76 'Device Unavailable, Invalid drive path
Resume Next

Does not Work:
Case 68 'Device Not Available
Resume Next

Case 76 'Invalid drive path
Resume Next

Changed error catch logic to match the Character toolkits. Not certain why the original logic does not work.

5. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkits
Character made with 55 bonus points will not import

Base_Xml data corrupted in export file. Ending XML tags could not be found to properly read the file.

Made a varity of changes to help reduce the chance of corruption occuring in the future.

6. All Toolkits
Import/Export Display error
When I enter the Import or Export screens, I get an error. The exact text of the error is as follows:

Form_Activate Error: 5
Invalid procedure call or argument

I can click past the error and then export characters to a file; but I can not import any of the exported files afterwards. As such, I'm unable to run the new patch without over-writing my previous work, which I do not wish to do. If you know of a solution for this problem, I'd appreciate hearing it.

The program for some reason can not set focus to the drive list box.

Add error catch.

7. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkit
Portrait Display after minimize
Everytime I minimize and then maximize, the picture box comes up. It has done it every time. I have only brought it up once. It keeps bringing itself up. No big problem, just a lil' annoyin'.

Added extra flag check to help keep track of the windowstate of the portrait form.


Beta 3 Patch 002
May 5th, 2003

Files Modified:
Solar, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar Toolkits
Gift Toolkit

1. Lunar Toolkit
MA Charms never use Favored points

I am making a lunar and chose Martial Arts as one of my favored. I went and tried to choose wood path but it didn't count any of it as favored. Just thought I would point it out.

Added logic to check if Martial Arts Ability is favored.

2. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkits
Immaculate charms Spirit Sight and Spirit Walking are missing

Modified Exalted Type Data to include these charms.

3. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkits
Increase performance of Charm selection by 25 - 50%

Modifications were made to increase the speed of the Charm selection. This will be most noticeable with older pc's.

4. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkits
Specialties Not Limited to 3 dots

"Your character may never have more than three speciaties for an ability" Well. In the toolkits you can't have more than three DOTS in a specialty, and no, three specialties. Well, for now is only this.

Changed logic to correctly check for 3 dots per ability.

5. Gift Toolkit
"Affect" is a verb - the field should be "Effect" - noun

Heading Changed to Effect

6. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkit
Weapons do not display Damage type: B (Bash) or L (Lethal)
Weapons data is stored with this information but is stripped out when loaded into the character.

Weapons now load damage with L or B when selected from list. You can also now type in a B or L for your weapon damage.

7. Spells
Spell corrections
"The Horse that Travels the Earth and Water", "Water's Ally" and "Water's Chilling Grasp",
Invalid Book & Page.

Book and page corrected.

8. Solar Toolkit
Allies Background
If I put dots in the Allies background, save the character and exit, upon return to editing that character, the dots in Allies have been removed from the sheet and the bonus points or background points spent on that background returned.

First background was not being loaded. Problem corrected.

9. Dragon-Blooded Toolkit
Outcaste Background points allow up to -5 picks.

Corrected Outcaste Background calculations

10. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkit
Character Portrait
From the Description section, you can associate and display a 200x200 pixel sized image of your character with the toolkit. Images of bmp, gif and jpg are supported. The image will display in a separate window above the toolkit.



Beta 3a Full Install
April 22nd, 2003

Files Modified:
All Storyteller Toolkits
Solar, Lunar Toolkits

1. All Storyteller Toolkits
Tried Importing in Point Templates.
Went to Tools -> Import
The following message popped up:
LoadInitialValues Error: 68
Device unavailable

This is happening because of the default location I have for my documents. "D:\My Documents\EdExalted" Since you don't have this on your system, its generating the error.

Fixed by adding a error catch to prevent this message from displaying.

2. Charm Toolkit Import
Beta 2 charms not displaying for import

In Export file old xml main node was called "EdCharms". Beta3 Renamed to "EdExaltedCharms". Beta2 file had to have main node renamed to new name. After change, charms listed as expected.

3. Charm Toolkit Export
Left out Charm_Tree_Id. Would only affect lunar charms.

Added Charm_Tree_Id back to export.

4. Charm Toolkit Import
Error code 5 - Invalid procedure call or argument message on charms imported from beta2

Added catch for error code 5 to import functions.

5. Solar, Lunar Toolkits
Necromancy Spells now learnable

Solar and Lunar can now learn Necromancy spells. Necromancy tab added.


Beta 3 Patch 001
April 16th, 2003

Files Modified:
All Executables
All DLL's

1. Solar, Dblood, Lunar Toolkits
When making combos with an Eclipse I can't select non-solar charms.

Fixed by loading charm2 values into the charms available collection.

2. Solar Toolkits
Archery doesnt seem to be a skill for determining accuracy of weapons

function GetAbilityTotal was looping from 1 to gridrow count. Changed 1 to fixed row value (0).

3. Lunar, Dblood Toolkits
XP points off by spell cost amount.
- Spells are not being saved in the BaseXML. This is making the xp calculate wrong when converting to experienced.

Spell name, ability id and circle id not being loaded in the spells collection. This caused spells to not be included in the base xml.

4. Solar, Lunar, Dblood Toolkits
All Storyteller Toolkits

I opened the Solar Toolkit for beta 3, and the first thing I noticed was that the window did not fully display. The entire right side of the toolkit was cut off. It's not that it's off-screen, it just isn't there (I can show you a screen capture if you want to see what it looks like). Since there is no way to resize the window, I was stuck without the far right side of the program. I resized my desktop to 1152 x 864, reopened the Solar Toolkit, and now it displays as it should. But that makes everything else your computer screen really small. That doesn't bother me, but people with bad eyes might not like it too much since everything else is smaller now. And people with smaller monitors might not be able to display at 1152 x 864.

Incorporated old screen rez resizing code, SetDeviceIndependent. The specialties and sorcery tabs needed special work. Items need to be in frames if they are held by a tab. Otherwise, all of the items in the tab go straight to the first tab. Also added ability to Maximize the main forms.

Adding Menu setting to turn on/off this Rez code. Also saving window state in registry to keep the program maximized on next start.

5. Solar, Lunar, Dblood Toolkit
I noticed that the mote cost doesn't get doubled for an Eclipse using non-Solar charms. Something else would be marking non-Solar charms in the print outs.

Point Templates: Added Charm2: Essence Mote Multilpy Cost and Charm2: WP Multilpy Cost
This allows for user changes to be made to values. Default of 2.

Charm reports now show double cost for costs that are numeric. Costs in format of "#m/die" left as is.
Charm name on reports include exalted type: "CharmName (ExaltedType)"
Combo mote and wp also multiplied by point template value.

6. Solar, Lunar, Dblood Toolkit
New File Option: Convert Experienced Character to Bonus Points

Character is reverted back to Bonus Points. Incase you need to rebuild the character from the ground up but don't want to have to type in all of the weapons, artifacts, diary entries, etc.


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