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Beta 6 News Archive

February 13th, 2004

Storyteller Toolkits Patch 002 Ready
Charm Toolkit Update

This Storyteller patch is a minor one.   With this patch, the Charm Toolkit can now export the Sidereal Martial Arts charms.

Things have been quiet lately, so this patch wraps up Beta 6.   Even though the Beta is over, please do tell me of any glitches you find or suggestions you may have.

For over the past year I have worked on perfecting these toolkits.   Your feedback has been an invaluable assitance to me in the shaping of this software.   Once again, a special thank you for your bug reports and suggestions.


Ed Ostrowski

January 29th, 2004

Character Toolkits Patch 002 Ready
Minor Fixes and *Ability

The main enhancement for this patch works together with the Weapon Toolkit.   The *Ability option is now a part of the Weapon selection.   This allows you to assign an ability to a weapon that will then leave out the strength bonus from the total damage of the weapon.   This change allows clean handling of crossbows and other flat damage weapons.

A few minor fixes were also made to the toolkits.   All of the details are on the Patches page.



January 23rd, 2004

Storyteller Patch 001 Ready
Weapon & Armor Toolkits

The Weapon and Armor Toolkits are now ready for testing.   Download Storyteller Patch 001 to try them out.



January 22nd, 2004

Weapon & Armor Toolkits

Fine tuning of the new Weapon Toolkit and Armor Toolkit is moving along well.   Also a second patch for all of the character toolkits is being put together.   This patch will allow you to select abilities for weapons that do no add strength into the damage.   So basic bows, crossbows and items like grenades will now display without strength in the damage.



January 13th, 2004

Last Day for Serials

Today will be the last day you can get serial numbers for the toolkits.   The Beta is not ending, but the quota for testers has been filled.



January 12th, 2004

Beta 6 Patch 001 is now ready

The first round of patching is now ready for you to install and use.   All of the installs except for the Storyteller Toolkits have received a update.   Please go to Patches for a summary of the changes made and to download your copy.



January 9th, 2004

Beta 6 Patch 001 is in testing

With the passing of the holidays, the feedback and bug reports have come flowing in.   The first patch for this beta is in final testing now.   It will address the Diary print bug, MA prayer strips and Combo displayed costs, among other issues.   About fifteen bug fixes and enhancements will be in this patch.   Expect to see it ready early next week.



December 29th, 2003

Week one of Beta 6

The first week of the beta has gone very smoothly.   Only a few minor errors have been reported.   The main change in the works is the cleaning up of the combo charm costs.   This currently shows only a single value.   It will be changed to handle the "#mote/value" types of costs.   A list of all costs will be presented instead of a single cost value.

In the general forums I have added a couple of topics asking for your feedback on the Sidereal Toolkits and Attributes/Abilities over five.   Your thoughts on these new features are greatly appreciated.



December 21st, 2003

Beta 6 Open!

The newest Beta is now available for download.   The Sidereal Toolkit and newly improved Character and Storyteller Toolkits are now available for testing.   To request install serial numbers, please send me an email at Ed@EdExalted.Com

The first thing you will notice being different is that the install is now six parts.   Each of the character toolkits now has its own install.   And all of the storyteller toolkits are bundled together into their own download.

And don't forget to either email me or post on the forums your thoughts and opinions on all of the Toolkits.   If something doesn't seem to work right, please do tell me.   Your feedback and bug reporting is why this beta exists.   If you don't tell me about a problem you spot, then it will never get fixed, so please tell me about any bugs you spot.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


December 11th, 2003

Frontline Testing Started

Before the start of a Beta, I let a select group of individuals get a first look at the new Toolkits.   These frontline testers are users that have given me excellant feedback and bug reports in the past and have shown they have a thick skin.   This is necessary in the start of a beta.   Because in the start, there is a high chance I missed a few things in my personal and gaming group tests.

This first round of testing usually lasts about a week.   Once completed, the Beta will be open to all members of the site.


December 2nd, 2003

User Registration Open!

With Beta 6 starting shortly, the User Registration has been re-opened.   Those who wish to join the beta test need to create a user name and password.   These are necessary to gain access to the download section and forums.   If you joined up in the past, your existing creditials will still work, so no need to create a second login.

Work on the new reports is the last major part of the new beta.   Reports for Astrology, Backgrounds and Specialities are being added to the character toolkits.

The Frontline test will start very, very soon.


November 24th, 2003

More Backgrounds and Special Experience

With all of the necessary connections backgrounds that a Sidereal will need, an additional feature will be available.   More Backgrounds (Backgrounds 2) allows you to select more detailed backgrounds.   Connections: The Realm, Backing: Bronze Faction, etc are available without the standard background list becoming cluttered.

In addition, the Special Experience option off of the Companions tab lets you assign free form experience point purchases.   Since there are charms that let you buy additional options for the charm,   this section will let you enter in a name and xp cost that will then add to the character's total experience.

Sidereal Background
Sidereal More Backgrounds
Sidereal Companion Select
Sidereal Special XP

The Backgrounds 2 Toolkit has been added to allow customization of your additional backgrounds.

Background2 Toolkit


November 17th, 2003

Sidereal Toolkit Samples

Work is moving along nicely on the Sidereal Toolkit.   The first version is now being testing by Mike and my gaming group.   Click on the following link to display the new Sidereal section of the website.

Sidereal Concept

So far so good on the development of Beta 6.   The Sidereal Toolkit needs to have the Ronin code added and the updating of the spirit charms.

In addition, an additional background pop-up will be added to allow further customization of the Backgrounds.   This will give you the needed detail for making all those sidereal connections and backing picks in backgrounds without it cluttering up the standard backgrounds.


November 7th, 2003

Updated Character Toolkit Samples

The sample pics for Solar, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar and Abyssal Toolkits have been updated.   These new images show the changes that have been made to accommodate the Sidereal Martial Arts and the raising of abilities and attributes to ten.   In addition to the updated samples, two new pics are included for each Character Toolkit: Martial Arts and Health.

Here are a few links to the updated Solar samples:
Solar Attributes
Solar Abilities
Solar Martial Arts
Solar Health

Even though the new samples only show high essence exalts,  the toolkits will still display a minimum of five dots in attributes and abilities when the essence is a five or less.


October 16th, 2003

Beta 6 Work Started

Here are the improvements aimed for in Beta 6:

Sidereal Toolkit
Upgrade Storyteller Toolkits Look
Allow Attributes & Abilities up to ten

A great deal of under-lying changes need to be completed before work can start on the Sidereals.   Martial Arts charms will be placed on thier own tab and will be displayed by exalt type.   Since there is such a large number of MA charms, moving them from the Charm tab will increase performance for charm selection and make it easier to find the charms you are looking for.

Also, Health information will be moved from the Attribute's tab to its own section.   This is required for the raising of Attributes to a ten.   Attributes and abilities to ten are a large change so this will take some time.

The Storyteller Toolkits' look will be changed to match up with the character toolkits.   Additional ST Toolkits will be added to handle some of the changes being made for the Sidereals Toolkit.

Expect this beta to be ready for testing sometime in December.


October 10th, 2003

Download - Additional Content added

The Downloads area has changed somewhat.   An Additional Content section has been added.

This new page currently lists a few Point Templates that were made.   These templates have all of the freebie points converted into bonus points.   A solar will have around 180 points instead of the free attribute, abilities, etc that they usually get.   Templates from each exalted type are available.   This is based upon the alternate rules for character creation from Hunter.

Click here to go to the new Downloads page.



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