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Changes made from 5/22/2005 - 2/28/2006

All Character Toolkits
New Save Logic
For increased performance and for use in the Storyteller Manager's Mass Export Feature.

New Import/Export Logic
This also increases performance on transfers but was done for the Mass Export Feature.

Combo point error on convert to Experienced
If more then one combo is selected in the bonus point phase of character creation, it will cause the character's experience points to be off

Specialty Points Spent
Ability Name now included with Specialty name in point spent list.   Also added display of point spent row to ToolTipText when you click and then hover on the spent row.

Weapons - Power Combat Button
The power combat button now shows the rules set that it will change to, not the current rules.   Label added on tab to display what is the current weapons being displayed: Power Combat or Core Rules Combat.

Customizable Character Sheet select added
Using xml, xslt and html, custom character sheets can now be created in the xsl folder.   Using any of the Character Toolkits or the ST Manager Toolkit, any character can be selected to display in your default web browser with the associated xsl template.   Use any of the existing templates as a basis of what you can do.

Storyteller Manager
Mass Import/Export
This feature lets you save characters from any of the toolkits into one file.   You can create a xml file that will hold solars, abyssals, dragon-blooded, etc. all in one file.

Database Select
The database that holds all of the Characters, spells, charms, etc. can now be duplicated and switched between.   This allows you to have different rules and sets of data on the same Computer.   Set the name of the database that you wish to use with all of the Toolkits in the ST Manager.   This powerful feature that you can also use to have a player character database and npc database.

Customizable Character Sheets
Characters can also be printed from the Storyteller Manager.

Lunar Toolkit
Silverpact Rules toggle
Added Menu Item to disable the Silver Pact validation.   Now you can ignore these requirements if you so wish.

Abyssal Toolkit
Liege Fix
More changes to the Liege option.
Picks in Liege were being lost when the background had picks over 3.   The logic would only count the points from pick 4 and 5, while ignoring picks 1 to 3.

Point Template Toolkit
Corrected import issue where a template would not overwrite a existing template.   You could also receive a duplicate index error if you imported a template without overwriting and then tried to import with the overwrite clicked on.   Import would attempt to update a the last template that was loaded. If none were loaded, the toolkit would try to update template id of zero, which would fail without displaying a message.

Point template import Overwrite check box will now stay clicked on between program sessions.

Spell Toolkit
When exporting large numbers of spells, the select all would load a value of zero in id on spells selected after the first group.   So if all terrestrial where selected, then all solar, the solar spells would have a id of zero and not have any data saved into the export file.

New Storyteller Toolkits
Caste Toolkit
The Caste Toolkit allows you to customize the description and Anima Effects of a Exalted's caste.   This will show on the Exalted character sheet.   You can also add new castes or rename existing castes.

Compiled 5/6/2005 - 5/21/2005

Merit and Flaws xp cost correction

The merits and flaws xp value will be updated to x2 point cost instead of the x3 it is currently.

All Character Toolkits
Starting Chars with max essence over Six lost essence on re-load

When a character used a custom bonus point template with a max essence over six, the max essence was not setup when the character was re-loaded after the initial point template change and save.    The max essence would revert to five, the default essence rating.

Added logic on character load to correctly update the max essence rating with the custom template value.

Background Toolkit
Import Error - LoadIstDataAvailableX Error: 91

The Following import error is sometimes received when importing version 1 of the background1 tool kit into into the ver 2 background1 toolkit.   This error would display after selecting to open the background import file.

LoadIstDataAvailableX Error: 91
Object variable or With block variable not set

Cause of Error
A number of backgrounds listed in the import file has id's of zero.   These values should not have been in the list of available backgrounds.   When the toolkit attempted to import a background with id of 0, it generated an error because it could not find the value in the list of available values.

Added check to import for id's of greater then zero.   It will automatically skip any zero id's instead of attempting to list.   Also, this problem is generated by version 1's background export function.   Was unable to reproduce in version 2.

Dragon-Blooded Toolkit
Artifact Search - Invalid Weapon 1 stat when power combat is set on.

In the DB toolkit, added a Jade Reaver Daiklave and this is what poped out in the artifacts section after a successful search.

Core Rules Stats:
Hook Sword: Spd: +4 Acc: -1 Dam: +3L Def: +3 Rate: +4

Power Combat Stats:
Reaver Daiklave - Jade: Spd: +10 Acc: +3 Dam: +9L Def: Rate: +4

Cause of Error
When making this change across all of the character toolkits, I failed to update the dblood weapon desc function.   It had outdated code.   Once I updated it to match the abyssal toolkit, it displayed the correct stats.   It was grabbing the weapon2 stats instead of the weapon 1 for the same id.

Correct Artifact weapon1 display to retrieve the core rules weapon stats instead of the powercombat stats.

All Reports

Charm Report does not fit on A4 paper type
(All reports will be updated to fit the A4 size)

When attempting to print out the charm reports, the reports are getting cut off at the right edge of the paper.   It's only a couple of characters, and then only really on the Charms sheet, where it actually needs that space.   (Best way to look at it: The box containing the characters name, the name of the report, and the web addy has no right border.) Also, the date is cut off. i.e. It says May 7, 200 (With a bit off the last 0 cut off.)

Cause of Error
Page right margin had been adjust to 0.5" in new version.
This prints fine for letter size, but is not wide enough for A4.

Changed format of report to fit for A4.
Changed page to A4 to test and verify new page layout fits.


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