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Beta3 News Archive

May 10th, 2003 11:30 est

Beta3 Closed
Patch Beta3_004 ready

With the closing of Beta3, no more passwords will given out until the start of the next Beta.   Work for Beta3 is wrapping up now.   A number of changes are being made in preparation for the Abyssal toolkit.

The Patch Beta3_004 lets you print you Character Portrait!   A new character sheet has been added to each of the Character Toolkits.   Also, the fonts on the character sheets have been changed to better match the new look of the Toolkits.


May 7th, 2003 17:00 est

Patch Beta3_003 available.

A number of users had issues with importing and exporting of characters with very large bonus point pools.   Corrections were made to the Transfer functionality to fix these problems.   Also, a number of other minor bugs were corrected.

Jump to the Patches page.


May 6th, 2003 12:00 est

Beta3 Ending Friday May 9th.

With almost a month of testing completed on Beta3, the beta will be closed on Friday.   After this, no new testers will be accepted until the start of Beta4, the Abyssal Toolkit.


May 4th, 2003 11:45 est

Patch Beta3_002 is now available!

You can download this from the Patches page.

In addition to correcting numerous bugs, two useful enhancements have been added.   The first being performance tuning on the selection of charms.   You will see a performance increase of 25% to 50% when selecting/unselecting charms.   Also, I've added a nice treat.   You can now associate your character with a 200x200 pixel sized image!   This can be found in the description section.

Once again I want to thank you for another successful beta.   Your feedback has been invaluable to me to help perfect my toolkits.  


April 25th, 2003 15:00 est

Some of you may have had a problem getting the program to download, or had very (and I mean VERY) slow download rates.    Ed's spoken with his provider and they are working on the issue.    I tested it a few minutes ago and the download was MUCH improved over the rates I was getting yesterday.


April 23th, 2003

The long wait is over!   Beta3 download is now available to all members.

The initial round of testing discovered a variety of glitches and areas that were missed.   These have been corrected and are listed on Beta3 Bugs.

The main change of the past week was the addition of a screen resolution adjuster to the menu settings.   With the new larger layout of the toolkits, some users had problems displaying the entire toolkit.   This occured in resolutions of 1024 x 768 and lower.   But now the toolkits will adjust in size based on your current resolution.   Resolutions as low as 800 x 600 are supported.   Use of a resolution of 1280 x 960 or higher will show the toolkits as they were designed without adjustment.

Passwords will be sent out today to those who supplied valid emails.

Thank you for your patience,


April 10th, 2003

Beta3 is ready!

All of the Toolkit Samples have been updated with the new look.

The first part of Beta3 will involve a limited number of testers.   Once the first round of bugs have been hammered out, I will expand the number of persons involved.   This should take a week or two.

This Beta's primary focus is bonus and experience point customizing.   A great deal of effort was spent to allow this.  

Also a grand big special thanks to Andrea Smith (a.k.a. Delicate Snow) for her re-design of the Look of the toolkits.   Its amazing what you can come up with while sitting around drinking a few pints of Sam Adams!

Thanks are also in order for Jonathan "TheGreatKraken" for his entry of the Abyssal charms and help with the Abyssal Icons.


April 2nd, 2003

Point Template integration is complete!

The bonus and experience point costs in the Solar, Dragon-Blooded and Lunar Toolkits are now completely customizable.

Work for the final part of Beta3 is under way.   This involves the re-design of the look for the Dragon-Blooded and Lunar Toolkits to match the Solar Toolkit.

Once the new look is all done, then Beta3 will begin.


March 21st, 2003

Progress on Beta3 is moving along well.   The Point Templates have been integrated into the Solar Toolkit.   Next on the list is the Dragon-Blooded Toolkit.

Also, a new look is coming to the Character Toolkits.    Here are some samples for the New and Improved Solar Toolkit.

New Solar Concept
New Solar Attributes
New Solar Abilities

Due to ease of use and visual discrepancies on the Toolkits, I have decided to go with a larger, more pronounced look.

Something to look forward to with Beta3.


March 13th, 2003

Point Template Toolkit pics are now up.

Storyteller Point Template Toolkit 1
Storyteller Point Template Toolkit 2

Also updated the Solar Concept tab, to show how the new point templates are selected:
Updated Solar Toolkit - Concept

The Point Template Toolkit will allow you to customize the Starting/Bonus and Experience point values used in the creation of your characters.   This allows you to use your own house rules when creating a character with my toolkits.   For Example, you can create a XP template that that has charms for Solars costing only 4xp verus the standard 8xp for favored.   Or give your character 30 starting bonus points, 15 background points, etc.

You decide how much you wish to set for each.

And since you may want to use different Point Rules for selected characters, the point templates are based on each character.   So if you want a Core Rules npc made up and a special "Epic" solar char, you can use different templates for each.

As you can see, I am making good progress on this.   Right now I am incorporating the new point cost logic into the Solar Toolkit.   Things look good and Mike will get his first chance to test it this weekend.


March 7th, 2003

Added a new page - Testimonial

Listed here are some of the things people have been saying about my toolkits.


March 5th, 2003

Eclipse Non-Solar Screen shots added!

The Eclipse caste ability for selecting non-solar charms is now working and will be a part of the Solar Toolkit in beta3.    Mike is looking it over now to see what I missed.

Here are the pics of the newest addition to the Toolkits:

Solar Toolkit Non-Solar Charms
Lunar Spirit Charms
Dragon-Blooded Spirit Charms

The Lunar and Dragon-Blooded Toolkits will have access to Spirit Charms.



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