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Version 3 News Archive
June 16th, 2007

Version 3 Patch 004

Patch 004 is now ready for version 3.   There are a number of fixes and enhancements in this patch.   Imminent Solar Glory support has been added.   Besides this, the big change is the increasing of the size of the character toolkits to a larger format for 1600x1200 displays.   This larger display makes it easier to see all your charms and spells.   You can change back to the old view if this is too large for your display.

Read the v3 patch 004 details here.

Work for version 4 of the toolkits will start shortly.   The main goal is the 2e weapons, mortal toolkit and a dragon-blooded toolkit.


April 9th, 2007

Scroll of the Monk - Terrestrial and Celestial Charms

The Scroll of the Monk Martial Art Styles and Charms for Terrestrial and Celestial Martial Arts are now available for download as Winzip files.  

Please click on the following links to download your copies.   Make sure you import the styles first, then the charms.   If you do not, then you WILL have the charms pointing to the wrong styles.   And make sure you are up to date with patch 003.   This patch has a number of fixes to correct charm and style import issues, so please apply before importing.

SotM - Lore Charms
SotM - Terrestrial Charms & Styles
SotM - Celestial Charms & Styles

Everyone should say a special thanks to Luke at Bigpond.com.   He is the one that entered in the charms and then shared them with me.   Thank you sir for taking the time!

To install the styles and charms, use the import option in each of the appropriate toolkits after you have unzipped them.   These new charms will be a part of the next version, which will be started shortly.   The sidereal styles from SotM will be included in the new version.


February 26th, 2007

Version 3 Patch 003

Patch 003 is now ready for version 3.   This is a large one with 15 fixes/enhancements.   Changes have been made to the 2e ox body, ma styles, point template toolkit and many other areas.

Read the v3 patch 003 details here.

The next set of changes will be the adding of the 2e weapons to the Solar 2 toolkit.   A new weapon toolkit will be made to allow easy customization of all of your weapons.   In addition, the Solar 2e toolkit will have an option added to show a bigger form for easier reading.


January 20th, 2007

Version 3 Patch 002

More bugs have turned up with version 3 of the toolkits.   This new patch provides fixes and a few new reports for martial art and spell summaries.   And on the character charm sheets, keywords, pre-req charms and effects will also now list.   Read the v3 patch 002 details here.

The largest change is the creation of a folder structure for the Character Sheets.   You can now set which folder in the XSL_Sheet folder that you wish to print from.   This allows you to easily switch form one set of sheets to another.

More fixes for missing ox body, better handling of missing ma styles in the charm tree and other bugs are being worked on now.


December 17th, 2006

Version 3 Patch 001

A few bugs have cropped up with the new version.   This new patch provides fixes and a couple new reports.   Read the details here.

More bugs have since been reported and work is starting on the next patch.   Thanks again for telling me about these problems.   They can only be fixed if you report them, so keep on posting on the forums and I'll do my best to correct them in a timely manner.


November 26th, 2006

Version 3 - Ready

The new release is now available for download.   Please go to the Downloads section to get your new copy of the Toolkits.

In addition, Version 2 will still be available.   Serials for the old verison are located on the download page so no need to send me an email for v2 installs.   The old version is provided to those who wish to continue to use the Crystal Reports character sheets.

If you find any bugs or errors with the new version, please post in the forums or send me an email.


November 4th, 2006

Version 3 - Final Testing

The last round of testing is now in progress.   New reports have been added/updated to handle the defense values.   Also went back and made up a xsl sheet for the Lunar beastman.    More tweaking was done on the "No Cost" charms and xp costs.

Hopefully this set of improvements will be good enough to for those who volenteered to help out with testing.   If they approve, then the new version will be made public.

Thanks for your patience.


September 10th, 2006

Version 3 - Intimacies and Custom Charm Trees

Intimacies have been added to the Description section of the Solar 2 toolkit.   These will display in a popup were you can add in the text as you wish.   On the combo front, the logic have been updated to look for the combo-ok and combo-basic keywords.

Two new storyteller toolkits have been added to allow the modification of Charm Trees and Virtue Flaws.   The Charm Tree toolkit will only apply to the Lunar Toolkit and Solar 2 Toolkit.   With this toolkit, you can create your own custom charm trees and hide existing trees.   This will make it easier to use the custom charm sets that have been created over the years for Exalted.

The changing of the Solar 2 Charm structure to a Charm Tree base instead of an Ability base has been fun to perfect.   But this change brings the toolkits to a new height in customizability.

The current feature in the works is a Conversion Option to make it easier for you to convert your 1st edition solars to 2nd edition.   This will take the solar you select into the new toolkit as a bonus point version.   Due to the charm changes, it is not possible to do a straight convert of a experienced character.   But this will save you the trouble of having to copy and paste all of your diary entries, notes, artifacts, etc.

Once the Conversion Option is done, then the final clean up of reports will happen.   And then a final walk through to see if any thing was broken with all of the fundimental changes that have occured with this version.


August 13th, 2006

Version 3 - Start of Testing

The first rough install of the new version is now in testing.   Initial setup and install of the new stream-lined package is going well.   The install has been reduced down to 27 mb with the removal of crystal reports.   Also, all of the toolkits have been placed into the same package, so only one install will be required.

The expected round of bugs has been found but over all, things are progressing nicely.   Intimacies are in the works as the last major edition to the 2nd Edition Solar Toolkit.   Also, there will be a new toolkit to allow creation of charm tree items for the Lunars.   Will look into applying this to all of the character toolkits as a way to allow you to add your own set of charms without having to clear out off of the existing ones for that exalt type.

Lots of work has been done but still more remains.   Will keep you posted as the project progresses.


July 16th, 2006

Version 3 - No Cost Charms & Pre-Req Charm Number Check

In order to accomidate the Excellancies, a couple of additions had to be made to the charm structure.   You will now be able to set the number of Pre-Req charms that you will need to select a charm.   When you pick the "Any Ability Excellancy", you will only have to select one of the three sub Excellancies.   Also, all of the "Any Ability Excellancy" charms have all been marked as "No Cost".    This way, when you take this bridge charm, it will not cost you any bonus or experience points.

You can also set any charm as no cost in the Charm Toolkit.   This change will allow you to give your players freebie charms easily and it also applies to all of the 1st edition toolkits.   Once the changes for the "No Cost" charms are made to all of the character toolkits, the main changes will start for the Solar 2nd edition toolkit.


July 4th, 2006

Version 3 - Base 2e Work Continues

Version 3 is coming along well.   Wrapping up the Charm Toolkit changes and in the process of adding in the charms.   Special thanks to Brian Rose for sending me his 2nd Edition charms, backgrounds and other custom data for 2e.   They are a really big help!

Going through the charms and adding the keywords to the new Keyword option in the Charm toolkit.   Basically proofing the charms to work with the new version of the Solar Toolkit.

Just created the base version of the 2nd Edition Solar and running the new charms through it.    Hah, forgot how much fun it is to wack the bugs that are popping up all over this new toolkit.   The martial arts charms caused a number of errors since some of them are not part of a martial art style.

Once the new toolkit is stable with all of the structure changes, then the front end custom rules work will begin.


May 29th, 2006

Version 3 Started

Work on a new version of the toolkits has begun.   The planned changes will make the toolkits compatable with 2nd Edition Exalted.   The new toolkit, "Solar Toolkit 2" will handle the rule changes.   All of the 1st Edition toolkits will still be included and supported.

Updates are being made to the Ability and Charm Toolkits to handle this.   Also, Essence pool will become customizable in the point templates.   A new charm copy feature has been added to speed up your charm changes.

Thanks again for your continued support and feedback.   I really do appreciate your emails and forum posts.   They are why this new version is being made.



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